Ahhhhggg... My Poor Legs!

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"Better watch out! They're gaining on you!"

I looked back, and the old guy with the dog was right. About a hundred yards back, there were about a dozen runners coming up on me pretty fast. Girls, no less. This happens almost every morning as I cross underneath the 202 on Tempe's trails.

I keep getting schooled by a bunch of runners who I take to be the ASU cross-country team... they've been breezing by me at some ungodly hour. I tried reversing course around the lake, but instead I just end up running into 'em on the bridge. On one hand, they're a pleasure to watch -- it's always nice to see fit people doing their thing. Kind of inspirational, in a way. On the other hand, they're waaaay faster than me.

Perhaps I shall forever lose the battle of the Lopiano Habitat. Props must be given, though, to whoever is running the watering system at that park -- the early morning sprinkler action along the main path gives that part of my run a vaguely Castlevania-type feel, as I avoid the streams. Hey, I get my excitement where I can find it...

'Course, I keep getting a little faster and can run a little farther every week. I put in a brutal 12 miles on Sunday morning... which actually went pretty well, given that my training schedule has been somewhat disrupted by other life activities. Moving in and getting set up, given that we're still several months out from the marathon, has pulled me away from doing of these crazy super-long weekend runs.

So folks...for those of you who run, let's talk training. I've been building into a comfortable marathon training schedule, picking up extra miles on my bike when I can in the evenings, now that it's starting to cool off. The ASU pool might still be an option on the weekends, but given the level of activity down by campus now that school is back in session, it might be more of headache than it's worth. Given that my legs felt like they were about to fall off yesterday, it's hard to be believe that this is all still just a preview of what's the come. My right foot hurts. A lot. I've been whining like a little girl about it, much to the dismay of my wife.

So, what advice to ya'll have? I've found a decent type of socks that seem to have the desired effect of reducing (or at least managing) blisters. Found a nice route with water along the way and a good mix of hills and flat, car-free trails. From here on out, I guess it's all about putting in the distance.


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