Availability of Water at South Mountain Park in PHX?

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So... I spotted a pretty cool looking race coming up: The South Mountain Classic, which takes place October 22. 20k (about 12.6 miles), all on trails... sounds pretty nice. It'll be a nice warmup for the main event.

I've spent a fair amount of time at South Mountain dueling Josh 'n' Tyler on the Mountain Bike course. It's been a little while -- it got waaaay too hot to go out there -- but I'll be darned if I can remember water along the trail anywhere. Anyone know of any stops?

20k... not sounding quite so far these days. I did both 10 and 12 mile runs over the long weekend... and discovered new running technique, which seems to be working pretty well. Anyone else familar with Dr. Robert Fitts? I've been a fan on Gina Kolata's writing since I interviewed about the Flu Pandemic book she wrote... so I'm not really worried about her steering me wrong. But it would be nice to know if the style that Fitts describes -- essentially putting one foot in front of another like you're running on a balance beam -- makes sense from a physiological perspective. I tried it out the other morning, and I'll be darned if I didn't cut 15 minutes off my 12 mile time... but then again, I wasn't really paying close attention to when I left.

Anyway... Gus and I have been exploring Papago Park a bit more. Damn, that's a nice park. There are certainly worse places I could work on my hill and trail techniques...


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