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Well... it's been a little while since I did an update. For obvious reasons, I suppose.

Anyway, not even the greatest videogame of all time has kept me off the trails. Tthe running continues unabated... and ever since I actually went to a running store and picked up a decent pair of shoes, it's actually gone quite smoothly.

This weekend, I did a 20 miles out on the various trails around my house... and I've got to tell you, it was brutal.

My mom, though, she just ran the New York City marathon in 4:53:41... which I think is pretty darn cool. Maybe next year, I'll join her. I'm not sure I'm ready to get schooled by my mom, though...

As for me, I got talked into doing the New Times 10k next weekend, so that'll be a fun little run. It'll be good to get the experience of running in a crowd like that, as it's been awhile.


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