I was the 484th Fastest Half Marathon Runner in SF

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Kind of towards the last minute, Elizabeth and I decided to head out to the bay area so I could run the San Francisco Marathon. Given that it's been about 100-million degrees outside, I never quite got it together to do the full marathon, so instead decided to take on something different -- the 13.1 mile half marathon.

It seems like all that time spent out in the desert has paid off -- I finished in 1:50:59, earning me 484th place. I can live with that, especially given that I had absolutely no familiarity with the course whatsoever and didn't know when to expect hills and that kind of thing. Pace-wise, that brakes down to an average of 8:28 mile.

We got under way in darkness at 5:20 am from the Embarcadero. The course was damp and foggy, a welcome change from these blistering, dry desert days. I dig the hills and San Francisco, obviously, is a beautiful city to run in. My only complaint -- while it was rad that we got to run over Golden Gate Bridge, the vast number of people made it difficult to manuever and hit a consistent stride.

I'd definately do it again. Next year, I'll do the full marathon... but here's something kinda random and unrelated: while in line for security at Sky Harbor airport, I met 1964 Olympic 10,000m Gold Medalist BIlly Mills. We talked training a bit and while I didn't have the opportunity to pry any specific tips out of him, he did tell me that it's passion which separates the good runners from the bad ones. Indeed.

(He also didn't think that the airport screener enjoyed her job.)


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