Did two half marathons in two weeks...

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Still training for the Las Vegas marathon, but decided to take on a pair of mid-distance races to get used to pacing myself a little faster.

First up was the Arizona Road Racers South Mountain Classic 20k. ARR seems to put together pretty good runs -- they did the Jerome Hill Climb as well. It's a pretty challenging course in some ways -- the fast pace of the long downhill portion of the race feels a lot worse on the way back up -- but ARR did a good job of providing water and that kind of stuff.

The race was chip timed, which I dig.

Anyway, I managed to take 35th place with a time of 1:37:13.

Next up was the Valley YMCA Half Marathon, which was also at South Mountain, although the course went the other direction down to the canals rather than deeper in the park. The two races couldn't have been more different -- the ARR course is pretty much all hills, either up or down. The YMCA course is, with the exception of the beginning 2 miles down and the final 2 miles up, totally flat. I was able to do almost all of it on the dirt of the canal, which is always a little easier to take.

I don't know how many people participated in the YMCA race, but compared to the Desert Classic, it was huge. ('Course, compared to the New Times 10k, it'll be tiny...) Lots of Team in Training/First Marathon-types, which is all good as far as I'm concerned. I had a chance to chat briefly with one of the other people I see out on South Mountain at dawn every Sunday...

Anyway, I guess all that time out on the trails is paying off -- although the official times aren't posted, I got a glimpse of the results they did post and it looks like I ran a 1:41 something to take 60th place. Since it wasn't chip timed and it took me awhile to get across the starting line, I'm going to be charitable and say I did it in 1:40.


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