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This morning I did something that I would've thought impossible: I did a 20-something mile loop out at South Mountain which took me all the way up the National Trail to the Telegraph Trail and back out the complete length of the Desert Classic. It was brutal on a scale that I've never experienced before... just devastating.

Basically, it takes you all the way up South Mountain over the point where those big antenna are stationed, then down the other side. The Desert Classic, which really is my favorite trail to run, loops around the south side of the mountain and takes you through a seemingly endless variety of twists, turns, hills, and washes.

Unfortunately, my POS GPS flipped itself off at some point of the run -- I had it stashed in my Camelback instead of on my wrist or whatever -- so I'm not sure of the exact distance. I guess it doesn't matter. It took about 3 hours 20 minutes.... which isn't fast, but hey... I just wanted to see if it could be done.

If I wasn't convinced before that I'm ready to throw down at the San Diego Rock 'n' Roll Marathon, I am now.

This was my last long run before the big event on June 4. It's starting to get pretty warm out there, even starting just before dawn at 5:30 am. My crazy orange trail running shoes and I had the place pretty much to ourselves for a few hours, though.

Last weekend I was in Walnut Creek, CA and did 16 miles up the trails and roads at Mt. Diablo... which was pretty insane. Although I didn't make it to the top, the view was spectacular. It's hard to believe, living in the middle of a giant desert and all, that there are actually places where green grass grows plentifully, untended by gardeners, unaided by sprinkler systems.


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