I was the 1181rst Fastest Marathoner in San Diego

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San Diego really is a lovely city -- the wife 'n' I spent the weekend on the West Coast so I could run the San Diego Rock 'n' Roll Marathon. Unlike all our other trips, this time we took Gus and stayed at a dog-friendly hotel on Coronado island.

The Gus dog did just fine -- a little extra barking, but otherwise, he was very well behaved. The water agrees with him and he does ok on long car trips. The hotel even provided dog sitting while we escaped into Coronado for dinner.

As for me, I had an excellent run. Finished in 3:41:02, a pretty significant step up in speed from my last run in Las Vegas.

Check out this really nice visualization of my race results. These things just keep getting fancier...

A person could really get used to San Diego. The course took us all around town and while I wasn't paying that close attention to my surroundings, the weather was perfect for a marathon. Nice and overcast 'n' foggy. It stayed cool throughout the entire run.

So, today I am very sore.

It was tough leaving 75 degree weather in San Diego to return to Phoenix, where's it's like 112 degrees outside.


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