2 Days to R2R2R

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Think of it as a graduate degree in distance running: on friday night, around 9 pm, I'm going to begin my rim to rim to rim traversal of the Grand Canyon. 42 miles, all in one shot.

In some sense, this is crazy -- it's a long friggin' way to run -- but I'm trained and as ready as I'll ever really be. I'm not going to do this fast, so I don't see how it'll be a problem, as long as it doesn't rain.

Plus, I'm going with a group of like 7 fire fighters. So, I'm in good hands.

So... yeah. We shall see. I've been wearing my headlamp around the house, getting used to feeling of having it on my head for hours. I've been getting used to the weight of a camelback loaded with water and enough food to do the entire trip.

I expect this to take 14-16 hours total.


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