I am the 21st Fastest 20k Runner in the East Valley

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Ok... so I think I might've gone crazy. When I realized that I wasn't sore for very long after that run last weekend, I decided that I'd go ahead and proceed with doing the Arizona Road Racers South Mountain Classic 20K on Sunday morning.

Yesterday's 5k was just an anomaly -- I happened to spot the Frank Kush 5k in the New Times and couldn't pass it up. The ARR SMC 20k, though, that's a race I really enjoy.

I did it last year and finished in 1:37:02. It's a fun race, a runner's race. There are no spectators or extra enticements, just a relatively tough undulating hill course that threads through the southern part of the South Mountain park. It's all road, but the terrain is well chosen to to provide a variety of challenges. Almost all of it is hills, whether up or down. The water stops are well spaced and the run is chip timed.

Anyway, I picked up a little time this year. Since I wasn't really too sure whether it was a good idea to do this race, I took it pretty easy for the first 10 miles and then accelerated towards the end, feeling strong. Overall time for the 2006 South Mountain Classic 20k was 1:33:47, a pace of 7:33/mile.

That's about where I want to be for a run of that length, given that I'm doing the Tucson Marathon in December. If I can pick up a little more speed and do that twice in a row, then I'll be able to make it into Boston. I'm still a little skeptical that I'll be able to reach that goal, but I had a pretty good time out there this morning.


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