I am the 40th Fastest Half Marathon runner in Arizona!

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Yup. It's official. I'm number 40 in AZ.

The 2006 Phoenix YMCA Half Marathon was designated as the USA Track & Field Arizona Half Marathon State Championship. It seems like that race gets bigger every year -- at 500 participants, it's probably the biggest non-chip timed race that I've run.

I finished in 1:37:43 with a pace of 7:28... just a little faster than last year. I would've hoped to pick up a bit more time, but it's all good. For my division, I was 7/32.

It's totally a fun race... and perhaps a bit more brutal than one might expect. The race starts -- literally -- with a bang. The guy on the starting line is dressed like Wyatt Earp and signals the beginning of the event with a shotgun, not a starters pistol.

The race goes downhill from the South Mountain parking lot off Central/Baseline, down into the canal system. From there it's totally flat and fast for the next 9 miles or so. Then you've gotta do the two mile climb back up that hill. Which, actually, wasn't too bad.

Met a lot of nice folks along the way... most of whom I'll be seeing again at either the Tucson or PF Chang's marathons.

Speaking of folks who I've seen again, at the Frank Kush 5k a few weeks ago, I was beaten by a 14 year old kid. After the race I was all like, "Hey! Good job!" and he said, "I was worried your dog was going to catch me and eat me, so I kept running."

Gotta find your motivation where you can, I guess.

Anyway, I see the kid yesterday at the half marathon and he's all like, "Hey... you don't have your dog with you this time, old man" and I told him that I'd finally get my revenge against those darn kids.

This time, age and guile won out. I totally kicked that 14 year old's ass! (To be fair, I don't think he actually called my "old man," but it seems more dramatic that way.)

Hopefully, we won't have to do a rematch at this weekend's New Times 10k. If we do, though, I'm ready.


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