I am the 161rst Fastest 10k Runner in Arizona

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Another weekend, another official AZ Championship race. Finished the race in 42:26, and average mile pace of 6:50.

Yup... a little drop from last year from my 41:34, but nothing to get alarmed about.

It's tough, adjusting to these different length races, given that I really don't do many 5k's or 10k's. The strategy really is a lot different.

With marathons, you really want to hold off a bit for the first half. You've got awhile to get into the rhythm. If you go out too fast, you're screwed -- you'll find yourself at mile 18 with no energy left to proceed.

10k's are much more of an all out affair. I definitely could've pushed myself a little harder in the middle section... I'll have to remember that for next year. I tried to make up for it at the end, but I pushed too hard and almost puked on the finishing line volunteers. (Luckily, there was no actual vomit involved.)

So it goes. I've been working on my endurance much more than my speed lately, so this was a nice gentle reminder that I've gotta get off my ass and start doing interval training and whatnot.

If I want to get faster, that is.

Anyway, ended the morning with a lovely jog home through Papago Park on a quiet Sunday morning. This was my last race (I think) 'till the Tucson Marathon and I'm feeling pretty good about my conditioning.


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