A (Very) Belated 2007 PF Chang's Marathon Report

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I used the think I was indestructible.

It's been awhile since I've updated this, so let's take stock of where I'm at...

Doing PF Chang's was a mistake. Two marathons in one 4 week period = madness. Especially if you hurt yourself during the first one.

While Tucson was a lot of fun, the course is somewhat more treacherous than it first appears. The whole thing is run on the side of a highway, so that constant shoulder grade can really get you if you're not careful.

I got a little injured from the run and it would've been fine if I just waited awhile before jumping back into things. But noooooo... couldn't have that. I was all, "That went pretty well, but I bet I can do way better if I try again!"

Uhhh... no. I had to drop out at mile 18. I couldn't even walk home. That's a sad thing for a marathon runner on his own turf.

It literally never even occurred to me that I could hurt myself so badly that I couldn't at least finish. Lesson learned.

Anyway, here we are three months later and I'm starting to get my mojo back. I ended up swallowing my pride and seeing a sports med doc, who hooked me up with some anti-inflammatories which seem to have done the trick. I've done some pretty intense trail runs and will probably do the 18 mile loop around South Mountain this weekend, very early in the morning, before it gets too friggin hot.

I'm planning on doing the SF Marathon -- the full one, this time -- at the end of July. Should be pretty badass...and if luck is on my side, I'll get into the NYC Marathon this year. Or I'll do Chicago. Or something.

It's just nice to be hitting my stride again.


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