The Final Showdown with Trail 100 | Posted: 2007-04-30 23:00:15 | 5613 hits | View in Hi-Fi Mode

Ugh... what the heck was I thinking?

From the "things I never want to do again" files -- on Sunday at dawn, I had my final showdown with the Charles M. Christiansen Memorial Trail Trail #100 in the Phoenix Mountains Preserve.

It wasn't pretty, but it's done. It's about 22 miles, all told... and for being right in the heart of the city like that, it's actually kind of a neat run.

Here's something kinda random -- I stopped getting sore after these runs. Now, maybe that's a sign that I should be running faster, but it's kind of interesting. I really am starting to get used to the distance.

I'm not saying the run went perfectly. The last few miles did involve some rather disturbingly loud wretching... I hope nobody heard me. Presumably, I have to work on my hydration/nutrition to avoid that in the future, since I was out almost four hours running around in the heat.

Still, though... it's nice to see steady progress, coming off an injury.


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