Squaw Peak Challenge "Race" Report

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Take the hottest day of the year and run a race up the 1.2 mile Squaw Peak Summit Trail during the hottest part of the day -- that's the Squaw Peak Challenge.

Conceived by some fiendish minds at a local law firm, the 14th annual event began at 2:15, when it was something like 110 degrees in the shade. The race begins staggered, with the slower climbers going first and the faster ones following behind. The idea is that, theoretically, all should get to the top at the same time.

Now, I'd never run Squaw Peak before, nor have I ever really dragged myself out when it's that hot. For good reason -- I mean, who does that?

It turns out... there were all kinds of random people out on that trail in the afternoon. That was one of the big surprises about this... we were hardly alone on the mountain on Saturday afternoon.

The run was fucking brutal. Insane. I mean... I'll say this for myself -- I didn't puke. It got pretty ugly, though.

The heat was mind bending. My lungs burned... and the metal rails near the top were too hot to touch. Even my water started to heat up -- I was half convinced it was going to start boiling.

I have no idea what my time turned out to be. It doesn't matter, really.


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