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2007 Jerome Hill Climb Elevation Map 5 miles, one hill.

I think it's shorter now, but that used to be the official motto of the Jerome Hil Climb, a little race ARR puts on every Labor Day in Jerome, AZ. It's a pretty fun, low key little race... no frills, no big hurrah. Just a big ass hill.

I think the hill might be a little shorter now -- that'd certainly account for my pickup in time. A lot of it, though? I actually am getting faster... even on nasty climbs like this one.

In 2005, I ran this race in 48:38, a pace of 9:23. This year, though, I finished the Jerome Hill Climb in 39:40, a pace of 8:38.

Good enough for 36 of 180. For me, that's pretty good. Heck, I'm just happy to see progress.

The kid who won it -- he's 16 -- finished in 29:59, a 6:32/mile pace. Pretty crazy.

Karen and William joined me for the race -- Karen was intrepid enough to wander all the way up the hill on her own, outside the confines of the race, allowing her to reach the top before her husband. As for myself, I paced William up the final little stretch after downing a post-race Tecate. Afterwards, we ran back down the hill for a post-race breakfast at a little cafe in Jerome. It's ok to drink beer at 9:00 am, as long as it's part of an athletic event. (As a side note, Karen can apparently run in flip flops...)

In the spirit of trash talk during races, I just wanna say -- in your face, William! You can't deny it! It's too real!

Anyway, saw lots of other familiar faces out there, people both from my running group as well as people that I seem to battle at a lot of these little events. Pretty good sized crowd, not too hot of a day... a pretty good way to kick off the fall running season.


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