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Running With Scissors Van 1, Ragnar Relay
My teammates from Van 1: Megan, Rae, Me, Amanda, Amy, and Dave

... Good enough to secure 109th Place in the Ragnar Del Sol, a relay race which took us from Wickenburg to Mesa, all around the edge of the Valley. Which is to say, our team kicked ass!

So... here's how it works. Take a team of twelve people, divide 'em up into two groups of six, and put 'em in vans. Van One -- which is where I was -- started out in Wickenburg at 1:00 pm. Starting times were based on expected finishing time... faster teams, like the Fast Running Blog / St. George Running Center, who eventually finished in an unbelievable 17:04:37, started much later and caught up throughout the night and day.

From there, it's all about rotation. Runners one through six go, then the second van picks up from there, and those six runners do their legs, etc... Each runner had a total of three legs, with mine totaling around 17 miles.

So much fun!

First of all... just about everyone I know from around the AZ running scene was there, with the exception of some the ultra folks who were out running the Old Pueblo 50 miler over the weekend. 'Course, met a lot of other nice folks out on the course as well, got my ass kicked by some truly spectacular runners. (And kicked a little ass as well...)

Our run went pretty smoothly. We lost a runner in the middle of the night on Friday night when she tripped and fell on the street... and although she had to drop out of the race, we didn't have too much trouble picking up her leg... plus, she seems to be recovering just fine. We also screwed up a transition from Van II to I in the middle of the night, but that only set us back a little bit.

It's not like we were super competitive or anything, although we did get some good rivalries going with some of the other teams. I saw a ton of the Valley during this adventure. The course takes you all the way from Wickenburg around towards Cave Creek and Carefree down the Carefree highway. We spent the night at some high school out there -- I slept in the parking lot on the asphalt in my sleeping bag, wishing I'd brought along a pad to crash on. Later in the trip, I crashed out in some field at a middle school in Fountain Hills. I think I prefer the field to the parking lot.

From there, we headed out towards the McDowell's and Fountain Hills, then wound our way around to Saguaro Lake, up Usery Pass, and onward through Mesa and down McDowell to finish.

Really... overall, a fantastic event. I will certainly do it again. I posted my pics on Flickr, with more to come as they roll in from the other runners.


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