I ran 228.42 miles in March!

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As preparation for the Zane Gray 50 miler, I've been stepping up the mileage considerably, to steel myself for the brutality to come. With about a month to go, things are starting to get... interesting.

Did a solid 4.5 hours out on South Mountain yesterday which took me from Pima Canyon down Desert Classic, up the hill at Telegraph and then up and up and up from there. At the 2:30 point, I turned around, and just came right back down National... total distance is unknown, but I'm giving myself credit for 25 miles. Not setting any speed records, I've gotta tell you, it felt really, really good. (Lord knows it doesn't always...)

The training has been relentless. In an effort to be somewhat scientific about this, I've actually been logging my runs at runnerplus.com/people/ph00dz.

It's kinda neat to see 'em all laid out like that. I covered 228.42 miles in March... which, for me, is pretty remarkable. On my off days I've been swimming pretty consistently -- it's a trick I picked up fairly recently and it seems to work well for recovery.

That dog of mine... he's been doing 30-40 miles a week with me without showing any signs of slowing down. He loves it... although water is starting to get to be a factor. (He gobbled down almost 60 ounces of water on our 10 miler this weekend.)

Other than running, life is good. The weather is perfect in AZ... Eating really well, getting out to see some good shows, including Limbeck, kind of an Americana / Alt-Country type band, over at Modified... Hadn't heard them before, but they were really fantastic. Also awesome: Blitzen Trapper, also at Modified. Fleet Foxes opened... they're a pretty talented bunch of youngsters. I am loving the Lost Leaf as a between band watering hole.

Finally, the funniest thing I've heard in awhile: a conversation between Gregor Samsa (Kafka, the Metamorphosis) and Dr. Seuss about his current condition. David Rakoff plays Dr. S.


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