I finished the San Diego Rock 'n' Roll Marathon in 3:16:02!

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San Diego Rock 'n' Roll Marathon

It's official... I am now the fastest Roig, at least in my immediate family.

You know... it's nice when a run just goes well. I picked up 20 minutes (!!!) from last year, finishing the 2008 San Diego Rock 'n' Roll Marathon in 3:16:02, good enough to cruise in at 300th place.

... I guess all that training really does pay off, eh?

So... yeah. Just really, really a fun race. Tons of Elvii, of course, big crowds cheering people on almost the entire way. I got seeded in the first coral -- I'd love to know how that works because I can't imagine that I put anything faster than 3:30 on my application -- but I think that starting with the 3:15 people really paid off in terms of keeping a good, consistent pace through the whole race. Plus, all the cheerleaders along the way were nice 'n' fresh, totally peppy and full of energy. Whenever you need a boost, you can just go down a line of enthusiastic middle school kids, slapping five the whole way.

It was perfect day for a run -- nice 'n' overcast, temps in the mid 60's. I took along 2 gu's and a Ultimate Direction bottle full of Accelerade... and snagged an extra Powershot along the way. Basically, I took a gu at 7,14, and 20 and just kinda sipped off the bottle the whole way.

The sun didn't come out 'till around mile 20, but it started to heat up a bit when it finally did appear. So... I took off my shirt for a couple of miles, something I always wanna do during a race, but had never done. Felt really good. I was a little worried about finishing shirtless without a number, though, so I put it back on for the last mile.

I did kinda hit the wall around 23, but suffered through it, kept moving pretty well. I forgot to bring along electrolyte pills, so I think that negatively impacted me a bit... but gobbling down one of those packs of salt seemed to kill the nausea.

'Course, I was only 5 mins off the pace to get into Boston, so at some point around mile 20, I did kinda try and push to make it... my attempt fell a little flat -- I couldn't sustain the increase in speed at that point of the race, so I ended up back with the people with whom I was running at the beginning of my modest surge. Which is fine... not the best race to try and qualify. Still... so close!

Here are the official stats:
Bib 1689
FName Jon
LName Roig
City Tempe
State AZ
Country USA
Age 32
Sex M
ChipTime 3:16:10
ClockTime 3:16:02
Overall 300
SexPl 270
DivPl 52
AgeGrade 63.7%
Pace 7:29
Ttldiv 1328
Ttlsex 7948
10K 45:49
Half 1:37:15
21 Mi 2:34:24


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