19th Place, Fiesta Bowl Half Marathon... a race report

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Holy Crap -- I just ran the Fiesta Bowl Half Marathon in 1:25:06... good enough for 19th place over all, 3rd in my age group.

So... uhh... I guess I shoulda stuck around for the ceremony after all. I'm not used to that. At all.

I really had a heck of a race, though... especially considering I spent the previous evening cavorting with my coworkers at the GoDaddy Holiday party, a $2,000,000 affair put on by our CEO and President, Bob Parsons. Beer... that's calories, right? It's like liquid pasta.

So, with only like four hours of sleep and a slightly upset stomach, I ventured out to Old Town Scottsdale before the break of dawn. Registration was no problem... filled up my water bottle, popped a Gu, and threw another one in my shorts... and I was ready to run.

The start was pretty chilled out. I'd maneuvered to the front and pretty much just coasted along behind two really, really fit looking people. The beginning chunk of the course just goes straight up Scottsdale rd... it's flat and fast, not very exciting. This is classic PHX road racing -- go straight for a really long time, turn, go straight for a really long time, turn...

At the end, though, the course veers onto the Greenbelt at Indian School and Hayden. My old turf. This kinda mixes it up a bit with hills and hard, fast, concrete paths. I always like running there...

At the end, it got pretty epic. I passed some dude I've been racing on and off for a few years at about mile 12. He was looking strong, but we were running a 6:30 pace, so I just kinda edged him out. Pretty much in the zone at this point, I set the cruise control and just kinda glided comfortably in towards the finish, secure in the knowledge that I'd defeated a local rival.

Big mistake! "OH NO!" I literally said out loud, as I turned my head in the last hundred yards and saw him sprinting by. It was on! We had a total neck and neck finish, with him taking it at the last minute.

Which is pretty awesome.

The ironic thing? I actually beat him in the end... since these races are chip timed, it only counts when you cross the starting line. So, while he beat me by a second or two at the finish, he started 3 or 4 seconds ahead of me. Thus, victory is mine!

I'm sure we'll do battle at PF Chang's in a few weeks. I bet I'll see most of those people again.

So, for me, just a heck of a day at the races. I love this stuff... an the half marathon distance is just kind of a weird race. Long enough to make it hurt, but still fast and relentless. Of course, this race is an indicator of sorts for my predicted performance at PF Chang's... is a 3:10 finish possible? (Maybe...?)


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