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Since I survived the first event of the year, the P.F. Chang's Marathon, it's time to take a look at what's coming up this year. There will probably be other, small races 'n' stuff, but these are the marquee events. 2009 should be pretty... interesting.

  1. Pemberton 50k - February 14th. Maybe. We'll see. The more I think about it, I'll probably do this.
  2. Ragnar Del Sol Relay - February 27-28. A team of twelve of us are running from Prescott to Mesa in a 200 mile road race over two days. We did it last year and it was awesome. This year will be super fun as well, I'm sure.
  3. Old Pueblo 50 - March 7. I've been hearing out this race, which takes place down in Sonoita, for awhile. Sounds like it'll be pretty brutal, but pretty fun.
  4. Boston Marathon - April 20. Maybe. I have to book my stuff in short order if I'm going to do this. I feel like I should do it, after all the training to qualify and whatnot, so I probably will.
  5. Vermont 100 Endurance Run - July 18-19. Why not try and run 100 miles for my birthday? This race is pretty much the one people talk about as being the best first time 100 in the country.
  6. IronMan Arizona - November 22. I know, I know... doing triathlons means selling out. Still, I'm curious to give this a try, if only to see how much I like racing on bikes. I'm just beginning to train for this in earnest so we'll see how that goes as the year progresses.


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