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Phoenix Idiotarod 2009

So, I roll up to the checkout at Target on the morning of the Phoenix Idiotarod with two packs of condoms, a half-dozen packages of pudding, and some funnels. Now, normally I don't feel much of an urge to explain myself when it comes to my purchases, but the woman at the counter was all like, "WTF?"

"Ummm.... we're doing a shopping cart race in downtown Phoenix," I explained. "These are the ingredients for a weapon. Last night, we took a shopping cart, stuck on a nose cone made of styrofoam, made some wings out of poster board, and turned it into a space shuttle."

The woman appeared to accept that as a reasonable explanation.

I can only imagine what all the other random bystanders thought, when they saw like twenty teams of shopping cart racers tear around downtown. It was total drunken mayhem...

The teams ran the range in terms of preparation, from elaborate to simple, but everyone was welcome. Amy, Brian, Sean, Jason and I -- my coworkers at GoDaddy -- called ourselves "Energy = Mass Confusion Squared." We had lab coats. And, of course, the space shuttle.

The morning started at the Bikini Lounge on Grand and kind of degenerated from there. I'm not really sure of the length of the race -- I don't even know who won -- but the course took us all around downtown with various bar stops along the way for drinking and socializing. At some point, the devil team chopped off our cart's handles, an act of revenge for splattering them with a pudding filled condom.

Sabotage is par for the course in the Idiotarod. You should really take a look at the pictures.

The rest... it's kind of a blur. I think we came in fifth... maybe sixth. It really doesn't matter -- that was just really fun.


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