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Geez.... when it rains, at least in Phoenix, it pours. In the last week or so, I managed to destroy a cellphone while on my bike (so long, t720!), somehow finished off my long ailing laptop and replaced it with a new one, got a new job, and sent my wife off to law school at ASU. My current theory is that my laptop didn't really like being left in the car -- even for a short time -- when it was 115 degrees outside. It could have been related to massive electrical storm, though... who knows?

The East Coast may have had a power outage, but PHX is out of gas. How crazy is that? When a station gets a fuel shipment, long lines form almost instantly. On Sunday, when this began to become a problem in earnest, we were driving around and I'd noticed that certain places had removed pricing info from their signs.

"Wow... that's a little odd," I thought. I knew there would be problems, due to the fact that the Tucson-Phoenix leg of the El Paso pipeline was having some trouble. Then, I started seeing lines of people waiting. Huge lines. Prices went from about $1.60 to over $2/gallon for unleaded in a matter of hours...

So... it's inconvenient. Luckily, I live within biking distance of most of the necessities in Tempe, but still, there are little missions I'd like to go on, especially as we try to set up our new place.


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