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Geez... I really left that bummer of a message up for waaay too long. Everything ended up working out ok in the end... in fact, they caught the kids who were responsible for the break in. Pretty rad... it's nice to live in a neighborhood with folks who watch out for one another

FInally getting the old email account back up and running. I ended up deleting everything out of it -- so if you sent me mail and I didn't respond, I probably didn't see it. 'Course, you can always call if you really need anything.

So, here were are, a whole bowling season later, and I really haven't updated anything... (That's right, I tried my hand at bowling. Our team, Rolling Thunder, came in last place. I believe, also, that we consumed significantly more alcohol than any of our competitors, so we win in the end.)

Life in PHX is treating us well. So well, in fact, that' we've begun thinking about seriously settling in here. Crazy, I know, given that we've done a few cross country moves in the last few years. It's hard not too see why -- the weather has been amazing. Been trying to get in shape. Biking a lot... trying to get away from the computer.

Work's good. The cats are good. Yesterday was the official start of BBQ season and we're looking at nothing but clear blue skies until the monsoons come.

I've got tons of code and whatnot to post, so that'll be along shortly... I'll probably revamp the site a bit as well. We'll see.

Now... to finish setting up my email.


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