I am the 384th Fastest 10k Runner in the Valley

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So the wife and I rolled down to the 29th Annual New Times 10k on Sunday. All in all, a pretty fun run -- I managed to do a 47:01 10k, which averages out to about 7:34 a mile.

... Not too shabby, considering I haven't run a competitive race in well over a decade and haven't even really been timing myself during training. I would've broken 45:00 if I'd planned my pre-race water consumption a bit better and hadn't had to make an unscheduled pit stop during the race.

The 10k course, which snakes around downtown Phoenix, was built for speed. It'd be awhile since I explored that neighborhood -- it's nice and flat, almost perfectly suited for running a big race like this.

Along the way, we were treated to a number of music acts, mostly metal bands... which was very silly. At 9:00 am on a Sunday morning, they looked a bit out of place among the fitness junkies, but they certainly added something special to the event.


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