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Jon Roig is a web developer in Tempe, Arizona. He lives over by Papapago park with his dog Gus, and his cat, Soleil.

Jon Roig currently works as a developer on their web-based email product. Harnessing the power of MySQL, PHP, and Javascript on a reasonably epic scale, his project currently serves approximately 9,000,000 customers.

With over 20 years of experience in the online communications world, Roig has been mucking about in the matrix since the grand old days of 1200 baud modems and ANSI graphics.

Previous to moving to Phoenix, Roig's most recent gig was with the Epilepsy Foundation, a Washington, D.C.-based nonprofit with affiliates all over the country. Among other things, he oversaw the development/maintenance/rollout of a web content management system which allows non-technical people in the field to build sophisticated websites without any knowledge of HTML or coding. Despite the fact that he was the first person at the Epilepsy Foundation to work from a remote location on a regular basis, he won the "Employee of the Year" award in 2002 for his efforts.

After spending a brief stint in both Philadelphia as well as Wilmington, Delaware, as part of a federally funded West Coast to East Coast exchange program, Roig spent two years in the West Mt. Airy neighborhood of Philly. Yes. The "West" part is important -- one would not want to be confused with one of those troglodytes who live in East Mt. Airy. A good experience overall, Roig quickly developed a taste for cheese steaks from Gino's and fell in love with the racial and economic diversity of that neighborhood. That said, it was not difficult to lure him back west, away from the brutality of Philadelphia summers and winters.

No one ever tells you to go East to find your fortune.

The desert was nothing new to the Roigster -- Jon had basked in the hot desert sun of Tucson, Arizona, where he attended the University of Arizona.

Tucson... a nice place to live, a terrible place to work. After graduation, Roig knew if he was to follow his life long dream of becoming the ultimate copy boy, he would have to head north to Portland, Oregon.

Taking a page from the ancient Japanese guide "From The Zen Kitchen To Enlightenment," Roig attempted to apply the foundations of Zen Buddhism to the operation of copy machines, nearly reaching Satori during the 1998 holiday season as 'the guy who made all the Niketown change of hour signs for the entire United States.'

One thing lead to another and Roig ended up in the dotcom world. The Portland years were all about coffee, rain and out of tune guitars. Roig served as an intern for "Puncture," a Portland indie-rock magazine, before finally finding his place as a Moderator for WebMD's thriving Depression Community.

The dotcom years were something special. Having watched the entire rise and fall of the internet stock fad from a comfortable vantage point as an Online Producer for WebMD's consumer site, Roig had the opportunity to interact with a wide variety of figures from the world of sports, science, and medicine -- including Muhammad Ali, among others.

It was also in 1999 when he began staying up all night, playing with Linux. It's been awhile since he's totally broken a Linux box.

Anyway. Here we are, all these years later, and Roig is still working in the online world.

While he's not sitting in front of a keyboard, Roig is probably out on the trails somewhere. He is currently training for the Western States 100 in June of 2010.


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