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How frickin' awesome was surf school in San Diego?

Pretty darn awesome!

Over the weekend, I escaped out to Encinitas, CA for a private surf lesson with Hike Bike Kayak on Moonlight Beach.

Obviously, I'm hardly God's gift to surfing after a lesson and a little time on my own, but I really had a great time. After two hours of tutelage, I was doing alright, at least for a total beginner... although, wow, that's a pretty physically demanding sport. I will definitely return, do it again.

Of course, as a running nerd with the San Francisco Marathon looming in two weeks, I took advantage of the cooler temperatures to get in two really fantastic longer runs.

Saturday evening, after an afternoon frolicking at the beach, I headed south on foot along the Pacific Coast Highway. It was a nice introduction to the area as I wandered the neighborhoods that lie along the coast there. A person could certainly get used to that lifestyle, that's for sure. Everybody looks so darn healthy and happy down there.

Sunday morning, I got up knowing that it was time to do the final long run to prepare myself for the brutality to come in SF, so I set out north along the PCH, again, exploring the side streets that follow the contours of the Pacific Ocean. I made it as far as downtown Carlsbad... no idea of the distance, but getting out and back took roughly three hours total.

It wasn't pretty, but it's done. Actually, it was pretty -- the scenery was stunning. I mean, really... how can you beat that?

Remind me what I'm doing in the desert again?

The drive home sucked, but all in all, a really great time. I get the feeling I'll be out there again soon.


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