I did the IronMan AZ...

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2000 people in Tempe Town Lake, about the begin the 2.4 mile swim at IronMan AZ

... as a volunteer. Ha!

Actually... it was super fun.

First of all, if you've never seen the start of an Ironman, it's worth checking out. 2000 people all treading water in Tempe Town Lake, all waiting to begin the 2.4 mile swim.

I was manning the transition area. So... when all the athletes hopped out of the lake, they stopped by our area to grab their bags and head out to the bike portion. Since they all finish in a relatively tight group, it was total chaos. Well... at least partial chaos. We had everything in order and got people out and on their way pretty quick.

From there, I helped out a bit with the cleanup, then headed home for a nice, long midafternoon nap.

I returned at 6:00 pm to help people retrieve their stuff from the transition area. Of course, I'm trying to satisfy my requirements to get into the Tahoe Rim Trail 100 this summer, so even though I volunteered at the MadDog 50k and the Pemberton 50k, picking up an even 12 hours at this event seemed like the way to go... just easier.

For awhile, I got to work "security" for the transition entrance, then I just helped the athletes / family members grab the transition bags once they'd finished. Met a ton of awesome people who were both athletes and volunteers... just a really, really great way to spend a day.

Of course... now I'm sold on the idea of doing one of these things. It is right in my neighborhood and all, so it's kinda tough to resist.

I still have to figure out how to sign up for the race in November 2009. 'Course, I'll have to get a bike and whatnot, but I'll sort all that out after the 100 miler.


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