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Elizabeth and I just launched a new site Some of the content might look familiar -- I actually moved a bunch of my newer, Philly-related articles over to the new site.

The site itself is running PHPNuke 6. The look and feel of the site is roughly based on bubblegum by Somara Sem (, but we changed the colors, added some DHTML, and cleaned up a whole mess of HTML code. We also found some nice add-on modules -- the weather and calendar modules are nice additions to a community site.

We also are using a phpBB2 module built by Tom Nitzschner (, which, while cool, needed a whole bunch of work to clean up and get working. The use of the regular phpBB2 themes, in general, was a pain in the ass to fix.

So... it looks like I finally got my old eMachines box up and running again the way I wanted. It ain't much, but it seems to work alright. And phpNuke, it ain't bad either...

It certainly gives me some good ideas for modules and whatnot -- I've got some interesting things planned...

Along those lines, I'm finally moving OpenRealty over to Sourceforge this weekend. Thanks for everyone's patience....


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