A Note to the Other Jon Roigs Out There - THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE

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So... probably like many people, I type my name into google from time to time. You know, to see what comes up. And usually, it's the regular stuff -- this site, some silly amazon reviews I've done, old articles I wrote where I interviewed some conspiracy theorist who thinks that Courtney Love killed Kurt Cobain. You know, the usual.

One day, though, I decided to get crazy with the Lexis-Nexis database, and much to my to surprise, I got a hit. In the Philly Inquirer, no less.

"Oh, my reputation proceeds me," I thought, as I shelled out the three dollars to view the article. Yo-Yo's? WTF?

It would appear that I have a doppleganger. There is another Jon Roig among us, and I have the evidence.

Unfortunetly, as you can see from the lovely scans taken from the microfilm reader at the Philly public library, I had a bit of trouble getting a clear shot of my double's face . Sitting in the middle of a crowded library, attempting to take pictures of the screen with my digital camera didn't yield much better results (as you can see below) -- but now that I know that you're out there, you better take good care of the Jon Roig name.

Will the real Jon Roig please stand up? That's him on the left

There can be only one.


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